Why we’re in a celebratory mood at CSC this week

Photograph by CSC employee Sarah James from Western Australia

Today, as we celebrate Earth Day around the globe, over 160+ represented countries and the European Union will come together to sign up to the Paris Agreement for climate change in New York.

It’s the 46th annual Earth Day, a global movement that’s dedicated to inspiring and motivating people to take action in order to build a healthy, sustainable environment, address climate change, and protect the Earth for future generations.

Days like today are so successful because they offer up a great opportunity to reflect on how businesses and us as individuals can make positive changes to support the environmental agenda.

Helping customers

Working for an innovative technology solutions company like CSC, it’s particularly exciting to see how technology can not only can solve client business challenges, but also address environmental and societal impacts such as transport and energy use efficiencies, greenhouse gas reduction and use of natural resources.

It’s a topic we focus on in our contribution to a new Business Roundtable report, Create, Grow, Sustain: People and Technology at Work,” which highlights the sustainability record of 133 companies, including ours here at CSC.

We’ve been working hard in recent years to reduce our energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. We achieved a 15 percent absolute energy reduction against our 2012 baseline, exceeding our original 10 percent reduction target in just two years and having already realized a 13 percent global greenhouse gas reduction we’re on track to reach our 18 percent reduction target by 2018.

Our best ever ranking in Best Corporate Citizens list

We are proud of our efforts, which have helped drive our sustainable business approach  – while improving the communities where all of us work and live. We were therefore delighted to hear that CSC has been placed #13 in CR Magazine’s 2016 100 Best Corporate Citizens List, which recognizes the sustainable performance of public companies across the United States. We were placed 35th last year so this is an achievement that everyone in CSC can be really proud of.

We can all do something

Our employees have also been getting involved with Earth Day – taking part in a nature based Photo Challenge (linked here on our Facebook page), a Print Wisely Campaign and a variety of tree planting and other events. We’ve been discussing ways to lessen our impacts through keeping our documents online rather than in printed copy, making use of video-conferencing tools the first choice for meetings and sharing ways that people can join in organized Earth Day activities.

I hope any events you have planned are a great success, and remember whether it’s a world leader event, a company event, or a personal activity – it all counts towards the one goal of protecting the future of our world for the generations to come.

Happy Earth Day, all.

Learn more about our efforts here in CSC’s annual CR Report.

Photograph by CSC employee Sarah James from Western Australia.


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