Leading the digital business, beyond the technology

Leading the Digital Business Jim Houghton

With the digital transformation now well under way, most, if not all, companies and industries are figuring out how to manage the great disruption it brings.

New technologies – cloud, social, mobile, data analytics and modern networks, platforms and apps – have thoroughly changed the way we do business today. And those companies at the forefront of adoption are starting to see the payoff.

But when discussing what we at CSC call the “Journey to the Digital Enterprise,” we often talk a lot about the technology driving the disruption and little about how this great transformation affects the heart and soul of an organization: its people.

Indeed, the digital transformation drastically shifts the social and organizational dynamics of an enterprise. And if a workforce is not prepared for or, even worse, resistant to change, the business will suffer.

As companies and industries make their way in this evolving digital world, business leaders can benefit from a model to follow or a success story to emulate on their own journey to digital. Unfortunately, they’re not always easy to come by. That’s where this blog, Leading the Digital Business, comes in.

As an accomplished leader with more than 25 years of IT strategy and executive experience under my belt, I’m fascinated by the dynamics associated with IT transformation. I believe in innovation, incubation and growing businesses to their full potential – and I have a track record of successes to prove it.

In this blog, I’ll explore ways organizations can build, not just a digital business, but a digital culture that makes use of the all-important “people tools” needed to succeed in today’s changing world.

I’ll talk about agility, collaboration, innovation, empowerment, creativity, entrepreneurship and other big ideas that drive big successes – and I’ll share ways leaders can pass on these values to their workforce. I’ll discuss what it means to be a digital leader and how an organization can grow more of these important digital ambassadors — and I’ll call attention to the people and companies getting it right, whatever industry they may be in.

In true digital spirit, I encourage you to engage and collaborate with me in this space. Leave a comment about a new way to think about a topic I’ve addressed. Share my post via social media and interact with me on Twitter. I look forward to getting your feedback and using it to guide my blogging.

I believe, it’s truly an exciting time to be a business leader. Stressful? Absolutely. But think how lucky we are to be guiding our companies – and the people who make them great – forward during a time of uncertainty and disruption, to have the opportunity to showcase our best stuff as we make our best vision for the future a reality.

As a business leader, do you struggle to find your footing on the Journey to Digital? What strategies have been useful to you?


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