Simplifying the path to business transformation with SAP

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Today’s enterprises are looking to radically enhance business operations to meet new and complex demands. This idea of business transformation is something we talk about a lot at CSC, especially as it relates to the adoption of digital tools needed for enterprises to succeed.

At CSC, we call this the Journey to the Digital Enterprise, and in recent years, our employees have been on the frontlines, guiding clients through massive disruptions in banking, healthcare, life sciences, insurance, and many other industries.

One of our key partners in this journey has been SAP. For more than 30 years, we’ve collaborated with SAP on joint solutions that power the digital enterprise. Amazingly, we’ve completed 2,500+ SAP implementations around the globe, and we’re quite proud of our successes with SAP’s S4 HANA Suite and cloud based products.

We’ve provided consistent financial transactions for a global telecommunications company after a key merger. We’ve automated operations and management processes for a leading dairy products manufacturer in Vietnam – the first SAP HANA project in the country. We’ve improved supply chain oversight and enabled greater insight into performance and costs for a German printing giant that produces 40 percent of all printed materials in the world. And those are just three examples.

Around the world we’ve worked with everyone from carpet-makers to chemical manufacturers, sporting goods retailers to solar power integrators. And with every SAP project we take on, we keep one goal in mind: to make life simpler for our clients.

Indeed, in a world that is ever more complex, we view simplicity as one of the key advantages we can offer. We know, business transformation is no easy task – and the path to the digital enterprise can be fraught with pitfalls. As a recent Wharton survey, sponsored by SAP, found, 74% of employees at small, medium and large companies believe that complexity in business processes and decision-making has “strongly inhibited their companies’ ability to meet goals.”

But, for our clients, it doesn’t have to be quite so difficult.

With our SAP alliance, we combine technology integration, hybrid cloud, industry and cybersecurity expertise with the power of SAP’s enterprise application software to accelerate business transformation in a tailored, end-to-end way. We believe in creating innovation (enhancing and creating SAP systems with unique IP and our global alliance ecosystem), delivering acceleration (getting systems up and running faster) and implementing with confidence and trust (employing robust cybersecurity measures).

And we aim to make it as simple as possible.

This week, we’ll be celebrating our SAP alliance at SAPPHIRE NOW. Visit us at Booth 817 to learn more about our strategic industry-specific solutions and successes. I look forward to interacting with you at the event.

grant norrisGrant Norris is CSC’s SAP Global Practice Lead. He has worked with SAP solutions since 1994 and written three books about SAP that were translated into eight languages and distributed in more than 40 countries. He has lived in Canada, the Czech Republic, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Germany, the UK and the U.S. He now lives in Philadelphia with his wife and children.





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  1. […] Simplifying the path to business transformation with SAP […]


  2. […] Simplifying the path to business transformation with SAP […]


  3. […] Simplifying the path to business transformation with sap […]


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