Beware this BYOD delusion


Are you confident that your enterprise has a clear BYOD policy in place? Your confidence may be misplaced.

According to the 2016 Datastrophe Study by security vendor Code42 Software, 65 percent of IT decision makers believe their enterprises have clearly defined BYOD policies. That confidence only increases as you climb the IT hierarchy: 87 percent of CIOs and CISOs are convinced their enterprises have clear BYOD policies.

The view from below is decidedly different: 67 percent of knowledge workers surveyed responded that their enterprises lack established and clearly defined BYOD policies.

Whoever is correct, that disconnect in perception can lead to performance and security problems. If IT leaders are under the illusion that they have strong BYOD policies, that’s a breach waiting to happen. And if employees are unaware of the clear BYOD policies actually in place, then IT and other enterprise leaders are doing a poor job of communicating important information to employees.

Over at Infosecurity, Code42 CSO Rick Orloff says that employees simply aren’t as tuned in to the security aspects of mobile devices as IT because they’re focused instead on the flexibility mobile offers them on the job. Orloff advises IT decision makers to use this knowledge “to their advantage.”

“On the one hand, training should focus on how flexibility must be paired with security,” he writes, “On the other, to ensure compliance, ITDMs need to put employee habits and needs at the core of a practical BYOD policy.”

IT should track employee mobile behavior to determine which apps and data they most frequently access, Orloff says, while also learning what employees need from their mobile devices and data to be effective in their jobs.

While issuing the caveat that employees ultimately will do whatever they want (no surprise to most IT pros), Orloff advocates for education and communication.

“Informed end-users are more likely to change poor behaviors and as a result of changing habits, the enterprise will be more secure,” he writes.

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