Apple unveils iOS 10, Siri upgrades

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Consumers get excited when a technology company promises its latest version will be the “biggest release yet,” but for IT pros, the phrase usually conjures visions of integration and security challenges.

Apple is touting iOS 10 as the most significant update yet to its mobile operating system. The iPhone maker unveiled details of iOS 10 — along with other product news — at the opening day of its annual Worldwide Developers Conference on Monday, June 13.

The changes to iOS 10, due out sometime in the fall with the iPhone 7,  run the gamut from adding extra touches of personalization to new features that boost productivity to tighter integration with other elements of the Apple ecosystem.

Among the new features and functionality coming to iOS 10 that should make enterprise employees more productive and efficient are:

  • Multilingual typing that will allow users to type in two languages simultaneously without having to switch between keyboards.
  • iMessage that will enable users to access other apps on their devices without leaving Messages.
  • Siri, as I wrote last week, will be opened up to third-party developers, which means users will be able to ask Apple’s personal assistant to perform tasks or find information within other apps using voice commands.
  • Contextual predictions will make typing “quicker and easier than ever,” according to Apple. “When you type something like ‘I’m available at,’ the free time in your calendar pops up as an option.” That’s pretty useful for enterprise workers out of the office who need to book appointments and phone calls.
  • So is the new functionality within Maps that allows users to book rides or dinner reservations through other apps without leaving Maps.

We’ll hear a lot more about iOS 10 and the rest of Apple’s development plans as the annual conference unfolds this week. But the changes mentioned above are a good indication that iOS-powered devices will be even more useful to enterprise workers next year.


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