‘Mobile first’ really means ‘user first’

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How people search for information on mobile devices is changing, according to Entrepreneur.com contributor John Rampton.

His column focuses on the significance of user mobile search trends to marketers, but since consumerization continues to redefine the enterprise, there’s a larger lesson for IT professionals and enterprise mobile application developers: Be aware of how employees use — and want to use — their devices.

Arguing that enterprises must move to the next level of “mobile first,” Rampton writes:

“Mobile first is much bigger than just having a mobile-friendly site design. It encompasses user experience, keyword research and content creation.

Perhaps most importantly, mobile first is looking at user intent by asking, “How are our customers and prospects using various devices to get the information they need?”

Indeed, any modern enterprise initiative must begin with the needs of the user because the user now has very specific preferences and requirements regarding their mobile devices. And users will get those needs met however they can, as many a frustrated IT security pro knows.

For mobile apps developers, Rampton offers some insights into how to enable employees to be more productive in their jobs:

“Mobile users are increasingly using search to get instant answers to their queries. Whereas desktop (and often tablet) users are more likely to engage in longer, more in-depth search sessions, smartphone users expect bite-sized, instantaneous answers or information. Users may experience hundreds of these ‘micro-moments’ each day.”

The message there is that apps developers must meet user needs for simplicity, functionality and efficiency. The alternative is lower productivity, higher worker frustration and greater employee use of rogue apps that could make the enterprise vulnerable.

Mobile is transforming the enterprise through consumerization. Employees increasingly are familiar with personal technology and want to use their own devices and apps on the job. Thus a “mobile first” strategy really is a “user first” strategy.


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