DXC Agility Platform releases integration with BlueCat IPAM

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For anyone who has been involved with managing an enterprise, specifically with something as basic as managing TCP/IP addresses, you don’t just turn on DHCP, walk away and ignore it.

Sure, for a small enterprise, you can probably get away with that, but as the size of the enterprise grows (physical, virtual, geographic, etc) and requirements change, there is a need for a more robust management of addresses. Handing out TCP/IP Addresses and tracking them is not all that needs to be done, and some customers realize they needed more control of their network. To get that, they are utilizing BlueCat IPAM.

The Agility Platform provides an easy way to use UI for IT, Application Owners and others to describe and define the corporation’s service offerings within Blueprints. These Blueprints document the different pieces of technology that are combined together to build a higher level service, something as simple as a WebServer or a Database server, to something more complex like a CRM (Customer Relationship Management system).

Within the Blueprint, our customers need integrations with other tools that are used within the enterprise, such as public/private Cloud tools, storage, firewalls, etc.  This blog is to announce that the Agility Platform is now providing support for BlueCat IPAM.

Bluecat is a network service that supports IP Address Management (IPAM) solutions via the Bluecat Address Manager. IPAM provides an authoritative source of information about the network, and enables enterprises to make informed management and security decisions for their infrastructure. Enterprises and service providers can deploy IPAM services and manage workloads for cloud providers by using policies, governance, and by reusing application blueprint designs.

With the Agility BlueCat Service Adapter, here are a few supported features:

  • Reserving IP addresses within an Agility template from BlueCat
  • Pulling TCP/IP addresses from the BlueCat pool, as well as static addresses
  • Automatically communicating with BlueCat to remove decommissioned addresses.

In addition, BlueCat IPAM Services adapter was certified to work with vSphere, other cloud providers to be certified in future releases.

Please refer to the release notes for more details on features and functionality and support versions of the Agility Platform.

Customers who have the Agility Platform installed within their own data center(s) can upgrade to the newest version of Agility and/or updated adapters. Please refer to the documentation to review which versions of the Agility Platform the Adapters have been certified against, an upgrade of Agility may be required.

For customers using DXC managed cloud offerings, such as BizCloud or DXC Hybrid Cloud, discuss this update with your account representative. Those DXC Services follow a separate schedule for updating the platform and the unique services they provide.


DXC Agility Platform version 10.2.1 released

Agility Platform certified with OpenStack (Juno and Kilo)

Agility Platform now integrated with Amazon ELB

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