If you don’t have a mobile Center of Excellence, you should

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The concept of a mobile “Center of Excellence” (CoE) appears to have hit the radar in 2013, judging by headlines found in a Google search, “Why You Need A Mobile Center Of Excellence,” “How to Build a Successful Mobile Center of Excellence,” and my favorite, “Mobile Centers of Excellence: A Stupid Name for A Smart Enterprise IT Idea.”

While the initial buzz over mobile CoE has faded, the concept is alive and well in several flavors. The merits spelled out in the humorously titled article linked above remain valid today.

At its most basic level, a mobile CoE is an ongoing effort to align mobile strategies, tools, operations, and apps development with the needs of the business.

A quality mobile CoE is composed of members from enterprise stakeholders such as IT, mobile developers and designers, lines of business leaders, end users, legal representatives and more. In a way, a mobile CoE actually is a mobile Center of Accountability because what enterprises really are doing when they create a mobile CoE is saying, “Here’s who is responsible for our mobile initiatives.”

Thus a mobile CoE can help enterprises prevent mobile programs from falling victim to turf wars, role confusion and neglect from overworked IT managers. Mobile CoEs also can ensure that an enterprise’s mobile initiatives are on track by constantly measuring results, reassessing strategy, managing mobile infrastructure and development platforms, and creating a mobility roadmap.

If that seems like overkill, keep in mind that enterprises face a scaling challenge; demand for mobile apps far outpaces IT’s ability to deploy them. Scaling successfully requires the right team, tools and processes. Mobile CoEs allow enterprises to improve mobile employee efficiency, satisfy mobile customers and workers, and keep up with the latest mobile technology. There’s nothing stupid about that.

Does your enterprise have a mobile Center of Excellence?


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