The domino effect

I was a little intrigued when I read this blog post: Want to Change the World? Start by Making Your Bed. It was a reference to a broader topic of the ” domino effect.” A very simple (simple is good…see my previous blog post….) theory that one act leads to another and then another but often not as expected or predicted.

I think we have all seen this on a fitness basis, i.e. you go for a run and then think differently about what food you may have that evening.  In my case I seem to think about chocolate for the entire run, and it doesn’t dissipate until some has been eaten.  In this context, the logic is – if you want to lose weight, don’t create a plan to lose weight but think about two to three steps in front of this which then has a consequence of losing weight.

In a work or business context, it’s a lot more interesting because it’s a more formal recognition that acts are never in isolation to others and the more we understand this the more we are going to be positive or negative to a certain course of action.

Read the full post in Neil’s blog.

Neil Fagan is CTO of the UK Government Security and Intelligence Account in Global Infrastructure Services and chair of CSC’s Architecture & Engineering Community. He is an enterprise architecture expert, leading teams of architects who work on solutions from initial concept through delivery and support. He is co-creator of the CSC Global Architecture (A10) Capability Framework and created the Architecture Best Practice course at CSC, delivering it to hundreds of architects. He has received the Silver President’s Award twice.

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