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These past few months, I’ve been writing, thinking and talking a lot about the media industry and how organisations can find ways to lead and succeed in the digital age.

I’ve posted about how automation can free up resources for innovation; how cloud can enhance productivity; and how new technologies like virtual reality are further disrupting the industry.

I’ve shared my thoughts on the “millennialisation” of media; why Internet ad blockers hurt us all (something, by the way, comedian John Oliver has touched on in a great clip that’s gone viral); and the opportunities and pitfalls of big data.

These are all really important areas that have big implications for the industry.

But perhaps my favorite topic to discuss is the changing media workplace and how today’s digital tools make it easier for creators to be just that, creators.

I’ve done my own bit of creative work to produce a video discussing my views, and I’d love for you to check it out. Let me know what you think in the comments section, or please connect with me on social media to keep the conversation going.


As always, I welcome your input on how to approach changes and challenges in media. If you think I’ve misread a situation or trend, let me know. If you have a new way of thinking about the topics we discuss, pass it on. I want to engage with all of you in this space as together we make sense of today’s media industry.

Scott Dryburgh joined CSC in 2015 as the Industry Lead for Media with responsibility for UK projects in broadcast, publishing, advertising and entertainment. Prior to joining CSC, he worked across a broad range of clients and was responsible for transforming multi-faceted businesses using a creative and entrepreneurial approach.



Open to change, media companies can thrive in the digital transformation


  1. Yes,
    Challenges in the media and about the media right topic to debate with.Today’s media industry is totally growing in vast speed.Absolutely,digital tools are in a great help to grow the business and reach out people.


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