IT strategy on a page?

I saw a recent post on our internal collaboration tool about doing an IT Strategy on a page and it got me thinking – as these things do…

Is it getting it on a single page that is considered good, or simply that there is an IT Strategy that can be written down?

The one page effectively means that the author has managed to summarise what otherwise is inferred to be a much larger piece of work.  And this is where I think the premise is wrong and, more critically, the measure is wrong.

The “better” way to approach this in my opinion is by taking the words of Simon Wardley from “Crossing the river by feeling the stones”

Continue reading the full post on Neil’s blog.

Neil Fagan is a Distinguished Architect and CTO of the UK Government Security and Intelligence Account in Global Infrastructure Services and chair of CSC’s Architecture & Engineering Community. He is an enterprise architecture expert, leading teams of architects who work on solutions from initial concept through delivery and support. He is co-creator of the CSC Global Architecture (A10) Capability Framework and created the Architecture Best Practice course at CSC, delivering it to hundreds of architects. He has received the Silver President’s Award twice.

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