Agility Platform 10.2.2 released

Agility Platform update

I don’t typically blog about maintenance releases, but with the Agility Platform 10.2.2 release, there are some nice Easter eggs!

Release Manager: One common request we receive from our customers is to make things easier to use and to have less mouse clicks to complete tasks. With this release, users will now be able to create a Platform Service while designing the Blueprints. Users will no longer have to switch to the Admin Perspective.

Another great feature requested by several customers was the ability to see build numbers from Jenkins in Release Manager. This has been added with 10.2.2.

Projects: If you have ever been in the Project Perspective looking at things, making updates, etc. and wanted to manage instance snapshots or view volume details, you know you had to switch over to the Operations Perspective… no more! This function is now available in the Project Perspective.

Custom Actions: For those who have already downloaded and installed 10.2.1, you have probably started playing with the new Custom Actions Feature. If you are not familiar with Custom Actions, read more about it at this link. With the 10.2.2 release, administrators can now override the Custom Actions main menu name.   For 10.2.1, there was a drop down labeled “Actions.” You can now rename it to whatever makes sense for your end users, terms such as Administration, Management, Tasks, Operations, etc.

As with all releases, we invite you to review the release notes for additional details.

For our customers that run the Agility Platform within their own Data Center, if you would like to download version 10.2.2, please reach out to support for details. For customers who leverage the Agility Platform within other CSC offerings such as CSC BizCloud, Hybrid Cloud Services, etc., please work with your regular CSC team members to discuss plans.

– Tobin

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