Agility Platform now integrated with F5 Local Traffic Manager

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I have great news for customers who are using public/private cloud tools that do not offer a way to manage and direct network traffic, and for customers who want to keep their Blueprints as portable as possible.

The Agility team just released a formal integration into F5 Network’s Local Traffic Manager.

If you are deploying an application that has some type of failover requirements or have multiple front door webservers you need to direct or balance, you need tools that manage the traffic. By dragging and dropping the F5 Local Traffic Manager (LTM) into the blueprint, you gain a lot of features and functionality and ensure more portability of the Blueprint in the future.

The new F5 LTM Service Adapter has the following features:

  • Provides access to Virtual Server, Pools and Nodes and allows for provision, release and reconfigure
  • Create/Delete nodes and pools from Agility
  • Leverage pre-configured profiles
  • Load Balancing incoming traffic based on the settings in the pool
  • Associates pre-configured monitors to perform health checks on nodes and pool members
  • Auto-Scaling of workloads

Customers who have the Agility Platform installed within their own data center(s) can upgrade to the newest version of Agility and/or updated adapters. Please refer to the documentation to review which versions of the Agility Platform the Adapters have been certified against; an upgrade of Agility may be required.

For customers using CSC managed cloud offerings, such as BizCloud or CSC Hybrid Cloud, discuss this update with your account representative. Those CSC Services follow a separate schedule for updating the platform and the unique services they provide.

– Tobin Isenberg


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