A cloud roadmap for business success

Cloud roadmap CSC Blogs

Do you see your business in any of these scenarios?

You still rely on manual data entry and reporting processes to keep your business up and running, but it’s time-consuming, labor intensive and an inefficient use of resources. You know there’s a better way.

Business is booming, and expansion is imminent – through mergers and acquisitions or new market entries. Sounds like a good thing, but the thought of traffic spikes dragging down your application performance and worries about your growing end-user community keep you awake at night. Without the right tools, you know success won’t scale.

Or maybe this is closer to your reality: The digital transformation that’s disrupted so many industries and companies – maybe even a competitor – is knocking at your door. Your business is eyeing changes to operating models, revenue management and focusing on ways to embrace mobility and social collaboration. You can’t resist the digital future any longer.

My guess is you can see hints of your business in one of several of these three descriptions. I know because they illustrate the three main reasons I see companies moving to the cloud today:

For operating efficiency – On-premises upgrade avoidance, subsidiary strategy, shared services initiative, infrastructure investment avoidance, multi-ERP rationalization

To enable confident growth – Global expansion, scale and hyper-growth, new market entry, IPO, mergers & acquisitions

To adopt a digital model – Operating model shift, revenue management, mobile enablement, subscription billing, social collaboration

You’re definitely not alone.

One thing stands out clearly in our 2015 CSC Global CIO Survey: Cloud initiatives figure heavily in most organizations’ overall budgets in some form or another. Over 75% of respondents across all industries reported moderate-to-heavy investing in private or hybrid cloud.

According to IDC report published earlier this year, worldwide spending on public cloud services will grow at a 19.4% — almost six times the rate of overall IT spending growth.

Oracle, a CSC alliance partner, expects 80% of all production apps to be in the cloud by 2025, up from 25% today. And the company thinks 100% of software development/testing efforts will take place in the cloud in that same timeframe.

Business is cloud bound – even if you’re not there yet.

In a series of blog posts to come, CSC’s Oracle experts will bring to light some of the decisions, challenges and solutions enterprises face on the journey to the cloud with Oracle. We’ll talk about some of our favorite implementations, dig into some key offerings and showcase some of our top industries.

CSC has maintained a 25-year relationship with Oracle, completing more than 1,000 engagements in our years together. We feel uniquely qualified to share our knowledge with you and help guide you on your journey to the cloud with Oracle.

Feel free to leave questions, comments or areas of interest in the comments section below and we’ll try to address your points. Or interact with us via social media. We look forward to sharing our Oracle expertise with you.

Ted Francisco is a Client Partner at CSC, Global Business Solutions in The Americas region. Connect with him on LinkedIn and at efranciscoiv@csc.com



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  1. Cloud is believed to be beneficial for customers as well as businesses specifically, for the customer-centric ones, with customer identity management as a key component. Many vendors out there provide Customer Identity Management platforms as SaaS deployed on the cloud which has been reaping great benefits.


  2. An organization without having the back of Cloud Computing sounds like an unbelievable and non-existent thing nowadays, cloud is a must if you are looking for a long term success and integrity within your organization.


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