Ready for the Internet of Things? Not without a strategy

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The Internet of Things is here and will not wait for laggards.

An average of 5.5 million new “things” — devices with sensors that can collect, store and transmit digital data — are being connected every day this year alone, according to Gartner. The research firm expects nearly 21 billion things to be connected to the Internet by 2020, more than three times the 6.4 billion devices connected in 2016.

In the rush to keep up, many enterprises are connecting devices without any real game plan. It’s the same way some organizations scrambled to build out mobile implementations before thinking through matters of security, scalability and user policies.

Without a realistic, well-devised strategy, IoT implementations can deliver less value than expected. Worse, they can create data management problems and lead to poor decision-making if enterprise leaders are unable to identify the data and metrics most relevant to performance.

Over at Forbes, contributor Janakiram MSV lays out 10 steps to implementing a successful enterprise IoT strategy. At the top of the list — and rightly so — is to have clearly defined goals and expected outcomes.

“The success of an IoT solution is squarely dependent on the clarity of problem statement,” MSV writes. “It is critical to define key performance indicators that can be measured and improved through an IoT solution.”

Other early steps include:

  • A complete hardware and device asset inventory to determine exactly what will be connected
  • Planning when different data points should be analyzed (real-time versus in the future)
  • Establishing workable data format and transport protocols
  • Building governance models and defining security and access policies

Those are just five of MSV’s recommendations for building an effective enterprise IoT strategy.

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  1. You are right Chris! One such component that is often overlooked by IoT is identity management. Internet of things is all about providing interaction between human, device and apps. Internet of things combined with the right identity and access management platform is what needed to get success.

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  2. Having a game plan definitely seems like a very forward thinking concept, but what I am not to familiar with and would like to know more about is why does the internet of things differ so drastically from existing network security processes and procedures?

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