Enterprises plan to spend yet more on mobile

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Nearly two-thirds of enterprises plan to spend more money over the next year on mobile technology, including devices for employees, apps security and mobile data security, according to a survey from IDC Research.

Part of the increased spending is due to the shift away from Bring Your Own Device programs to Choose Your Own Device programs. IDC’s survey of more than 700 IT decision makers from U.S. companies with at least 100 employees shows that 74 percent of enterprises either already offer or plan to offer a CYOD program because “BYOD programs are both difficult to manage and secure.”

They certainly are, and for a number of reasons:

  • Employees
  • Employees
  • Employees

Granted, going with CYOD doesn’t eliminate any of the problems listed above, but it provides at least another layer of potential device and data control for IT, simply because they’ll presumably have a much clearer picture of which mobile devices are trying to access network data and resources.

“Cost savings and security risk mitigation are the biggest drivers of mobile device deployment strategies. But with 48% of enterprises not seeing improvement in their BYO cost savings and 30% citing security problems with mobile app deployments, IT management must inspect strategies for improvements,” Bryan Bassett, an IDC research analyst, said in a statement.

The news is a bit better for larger organizations. IDC’s survey shows that 76 percent of the largest enterprises “indicate that their mobile application deployments have met or exceeded expectations.”

Why are larger enterprises getting better ROI from their mobile apps deployments? Part of it may be that they turn to outside expertise.

Three-quarters of the largest enterprises “see the value of using third party management in part or all of their enterprise mobility strategies,” IDC reported.

Conversely, many smaller enterprises lack the budget for third-party mobile management, leaving the burden to already overworked IT staffers. That’s when you start to see management and security problems.

One thing is certain: No matter what the size of the enterprise, or the acronyms used, mobile deployments are a necessity for doing business in the digital economy.


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