The mobile mistake that could kill your business

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Mobile technology is absolutely critical for enterprises to succeed in the digital economy. But the presence of mobile devices and apps in the workplace doesn’t automatically translate into improved business.

In fact, mobile can cause so many problems if not effectively managed that it can lead to enterprise failure through lost sales opportunities, excessive and unnecessary costs and talent attrition as frustrated employees depart for more tech-savvy work environments.

A recent study by analyst firm Ovum found that “half of European businesses are failing to impose basic enterprise mobility management,” reports Business Matters, a publication for small- and mid-sized enterprises in the United Kingdom. The study determined that “an overwhelming 61% of European enterprises are making little or no progress in joining the digital revolution.”

For these mobile laggards, disaster looms, Business Matters argues:

“Those enterprises unlikely to adopt the technology are risking failure, not just on return of their mobility investments, but in the future of their businesses altogether in an increasingly connected business landscape where customers demand mobile experiences and workforces are increasingly mobile.”

Also risking failure are the enterprises that don’t adopt mobile in a strategic way that serves the needs of the business. The absence of any enterprise mobility management actually is a symptom of a greater problem: Lack of a mobile business strategy.

Without a strategy for how the enterprise can deploy mobile technology to solve specific business challenges, employees will use mobile in chaotic and often dangerous ways, downloading third-party apps, leaving devices unsecured and storing enterprise data in private clouds. And you can’t even call this “rogue IT” because without a mobile strategy, there’s nothing to be “rogue” against: There’s only a void where mobile strategy, usage policies, and appropriate management platforms should be.

The bottom line is that without mobile technology or a well-developed mobile strategy, enterprises today will struggle to survive.

Does your enterprise have a mobile strategy?


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