Spotlight on a smart city success: Vienna

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The city of Vienna is one of Europe’s historic treasures, playing important roles in such momentous times as the Roman Empire, the Napoleanic Wars, the Austrian Empire and beyond. History practically radiates from the amazing buildings, monuments and parks, places like the Hofburg imperial palace, Schwarzenberg Square, the Volksgarten and so many more.

But this capital city is definitely not stuck in the past.

Vienna has a forward-looking Smart City initiative that aims to improve all areas of residents’ life, from work to play. The plan addresses everything from infrastructure, energy and mobility to urban development and information and communication technology.

Last year, we discussed progress with Ulrike Huemer, who has served in the role of CIO for the City of Vienna since 2014. She’s a believer in “designing public services around the needs and the life situations of citizens and businesses,” a change from the focus of the past.

“For the Smart City, ensuring alignment between business and IT is a key to success. Next-generation technologies will enable new modes of public-service delivery. However, this requires that our strategic decision makers and public servants know how to use these technologies. Therefore, we’re focusing on building capacity and an appreciation for these technologies so they can be successfully deployed within our organization.”

Huemer is leading the consolidation of IT operations to enable more efficient, scalable, customer-centric services throughout the city with the goal to bridge digital divides and ensure “that no one is left behind.”

At CSC, we believe the public sector runs best with the right technology and a client-focused partner that can make that happen. This series of blog posts explores the topic and how strong digital leadership can lead to success. We encourage you to provide feedback in the comments section or interact with us on social media. We’d love to hear your thoughts about the Smart City of today – and your vision for tomorrow – and how we can be part of making that a reality.

Venke Bordal is Head of Public Sector Sweden for CSC. Connect with her on LinkedIn.



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