Here comes VMware Cloud on Amazon Web Services

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The rumors were true. VMware is partnering up with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to deliver a hybrid cloud: VMware Cloud on AWS.

The companies claim this new hybrid cloud offering will make it easier for customers to run applications on a consistent hybrid cloud using a common set of familiar software and tools. That mix of public and private compute resources is exactly what 71 percent of companies want, according to a a recent industry survey.

Here’s how it will work as a business: VMware Cloud on AWS will be VMware’s primary public cloud. VMware will deliver, sell and support it. In turn, AWS will be VMware’s primary public cloud infrastructure partner and VMware will be AWS’s primary private cloud partner.

The goal is to build and deliver a seamlessly integrated hybrid cloud. This is meant to give customers a full software-defined data center (SDDC) experience

How? On VMware Cloud on AWS, users will run applications across VMware vSphere based private, public and hybrid cloud environments. Delivered, sold and supported by VMware as an on-demand, elastically scalable service, VMware Cloud on AWS will allow VMware customers to use their existing VMware software and tools on AWS.

VMware is doing this for that most basic of business reasons: The cloud is where its customers are going. VMware clients run applications in their vSphere-based private clouds, and they are often also running applications on AWS. Increasingly, these customers have asked both companies to make it easier to run their existing on-premises environments alongside AWS using the VMware software and tools they’ve come to rely on.

VMware Cloud on AWS will be powered by VMware Cloud Foundation, a unified SDDC platform. It integrates VMware vSphere, VMware Virtual SAN and NSX virtualization technologies. At the same time, it will provide access to the full range of AWS services, together with the functionality, elasticity, and security. It will run on elastic, bare-metal AWS infrastructure.

Customers will have the ability to purchase services through their existing VMware commercial agreement and use their existing VMware software investments to secure additional loyalty discounts for their VMware Cloud on AWS hybrid environment.

VMware Cloud on AWS offers our customers the best of both worlds,” said Pat Gelsinger, Vmware’s CEO in a statement. “This new service will make it easier for customers to preserve their investment in existing applications and processes while taking advantage of the global footprint, advanced capabilities, and scale of the AWS public cloud.”

“Our customers continue to ask us to make it easier for them to run their existing data center investments alongside AWS,” said Andy Jassy, AWS’s CEO in a statement. “Most enterprises are already virtualized using VMware, and now with VMware Cloud on AWS, for the first time, it will be easy for customers to operate a consistent and seamless hybrid IT environment using their existing VMware tools on AWS, and without having to purchase custom hardware, rewrite their applications, or modify their operating model.”

It all sounds good, but it’s not here yet. Porting VMware’s platform to AWS won’t be simple. The companies are promising that VMware Cloud on AWS will be available in mid-2017. Pricing will be made available closer to the general availability date.

The ball is now in IBM, Microsoft and the OpenStack cloud players court now. The hybrid cloud market just became a lot more interesting.


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  1. Wow – this opens up a few opportunities!

  2. Wow. That is so elegant and logical and clearly explained. Brilliantly goes through what could be a complex process and makes it obvious.


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