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To really make use of the cloud, any cloud, you need to know DevOps. There’s only one little problem with that. No one really teaches DevOps 101 … until now.

The Linux Foundation and edX, the nonprofit online learning platform will be offering a massive open online course (MOOC) for DevOps. The course, LFS161x – Introduction to DevOps: Transforming and Improving Operations, is free and will begin November 16.

DevOps started as a movement to bridge the gap between developers and operations personnel. It started with operations personnel who felt they would be more effective managing IT infrastructure if they better understood how and why it was built.

It’s worked. Organizations that implement DevOps best practices have been demonstrated to be more agile, flexible and effective in designing and implementing IT practices and tools, resulting in higher revenue generation at a lower cost. It also became clear that if you’re going to run a cloud effectively, you really needed to have your system administrators and programmers on the same page.

“DevOps is a rapidly growing career field, which provides strong job security, highly competitive compensation and opportunities for growth, but there is a lack of experience and talent in the market that need to be remedied,” said Jim Zemlin, The Linux Foundation ‘s executive director. “From our past experience, we knew edX was the best partner to help address this lack of talent by providing a platform to make DevOps education easily accessible.”

The Linux Foundation is already helping develop technology for DevOps professionals through its open- source projects. Now, with this course, it provides the training opportunities to educate a talent pool to support those projects.

This new class, LFS161x, is organized around the three basic principles of DevOps,. These Three Ways” outline the values and philosophies that guide DevOps processes and practices. Students will learn how to:

●     Explain the need to do DevOps.

●     Understand the DevOps foundations, principles, and practices.

●     Understand, analyze, and map value streams.

●     Explain and implement the deployment pipeline.

●     Illustrate the concept of Continuous Delivery.

●     Create a problem solving culture.

●     Explain the concepts of blameless postmortems.

●     Monitor meaningful infrastructure and business metrics.

●     Converge change management and DevOps.

●     Understand how reliance engineering and safety culture are critical to DevOps success.

●     Create a learning organization.

The course instructor, John Willis, has over 35 years of experience, focusing on IT infrastructure and operations.  He has helped early startups such as Chef and Docker navigate the DevOps movement, and is one of the original core organizers of this movement. Willis has been a prominent keynote speaker at various DevOps events throughout the years, and is a co-author of the “DevOps Handbook.

“DevOps is a new and rapidly growing field that shows immense promise,” said edX CEO and MIT Professor Anant Agarwal. “This course furthers the professionalization of the industry, and we are proud to continue our work with The Linux Foundation to expand edX’s technical and open source educational offerings.”

The course includes six chapters, each with a short graded quiz at the end. A final exam is also required in order to complete the course. Students may take the complete course for free, or add a verified certificate of completion for $99. Registration is now open.

This is the fourth edX MOOC offered by The Linux Foundation. Its first course, Intro to Linux, has reached more than 600,000 students globally and continues to grow in registrations. The others are Intro to Cloud Infrastructure Technologies and Introduction to OpenStack. I highly recommend all these classes.

Linux may not sound like a cloud class, but almost all clouds either run on top of Linux or run Linux server instances. Even on Azure, Microsoft’s cloud, over a third of server instances are Linux.

So, if you want a quick take-off to working wotj the cloud, I recommend you take not only this new DevOps class, but all of the Linux Foundation’s courses.


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  1. Very nice post.
    Everyone can learn DevOps easily with such training courses. In my opinion this training session will successfully help many beginners to know Devops software from scratch and enhance their skills in cloud computing. I hope to see people more toward learning DevOps online and add an advantage in their career.

  2. Hi…,
    Thanks for explaining about DevOps and sharing this article for beginners.
    DevOps Engineer transfers the business operations faster and decrease the risk of production changes through automated non functional testing and low development iterations.Career with Devops is exciting, as you have to integrate new technologies and solving new challenges.

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