4 innovative ways to use ServiceNow

This blog was originally published by Fruition Partners. Since then, Fruition Partners has become the ServiceNow practice within DXC Technology.

We all love to hear stories of successfully implemented ServiceNow projects and the more it goes the more we see a rising trend of projects pushing the boundaries of ServiceNow to get out of the ITSM area to enter non-IT areas and enable Everything-as-a-Service for the entire company.

So, with companies becoming more and more creative when it comes to leveraging the power of the ServiceNow platform, we wanted to inspire you with these 4 innovative ways to use ServiceNow.

1 – Integration of Skype in ServiceNow 
Broaden the use of your company-wide chat tool and use it as well for communication purpose within ServiceNow. If you have questions concerning an opened incident you can directly chat with or call the requester. The Skype’s user experience stays the same as all Skype colours and icons are used within ServiceNow. Big advantage: You keep only one communication tool in place and extend its usage to ServiceNow.

2 – Use of ServiceNow for the reception of goods
Say good-bye to sending emails to employees who received a package or goods so they can pick it up. Use ServiceNow to raise a record whenever an employee receives goods and they will automatically receive an email with what they got and at what time they can get it. Once the person goes to pick up their package, they sign on an iPad to confirm the reception with a hand-drawn signature.

3 – Use of ServiceNow for Customer Service
That ServiceNow can industrialize and consumerize services of any department in the entire company is nothing new. So why not use the platform also to manage your customer’s inquiries? Specific needs for your business can be created tailor-made. You can for example integrate a contact form or automatically create letters.

4 – Use of ServiceNow for store management
Use ServiceNow to handle the stock, incoming goods and the selling process as well as the creation of invoices that can be sent by email or, obviously, printed. You can, for example, implement QR code for the stock:  Create QR codes directly within ServiceNow, print them and then tag the articles. The QR code can contain several information such as article description, brand, price, serial number, and many more. This can also be helpful for inventories as the articles just have to be scanned with an iPad or iPhone to be directly registered in ServiceNow.

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