First drone apps store launches

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The next phase of drone technology has begun.

Cloud-based drone platform DroneDeploy recently announced the launch of its App Market, which it calls the first online store for drone applications.

The store currently features 20 apps from 15 vendors, including AutoDesk, Box, John Deere, 3-D printing company WhiteClouds, property inspection and measurement firm EZRoof, agricultural intelligence company SlantRange, and more.

Customers easily can download apps from the store to augment flight planning, logging, data analysis, export and other drone-y functions by browsing for apps in the DroneDeploy interface and then clicking on those they want to install.

In addition to the apps available for purchase, App Market is open to third-party developers to create apps that run on DroneDeploy’s platform.

A few weeks ago I wondered when enterprise use of drones would take flight, venturing that “the clear business and operational benefits of these flying machines will drive adoption rates.” I still think that’s true, but it can’t happen unless there are enough apps to make drones more than clever little flying machines. DroneDeploy’s app store and extension of tools to third-party developers could be a major catalyst.

In other drone news…

Speaking of agricultural intelligence, a forward-thinking and cost-conscious farm couple who was missing two cows turned to a drone service after several days of unsuccessful ground-based searches and ruling out renting a helicopter and pilot because of the cost.

It took Richard Shafer, president of Droning Around, LLC, in Union Township, N.J., only two and a half hours to find the missing cows in the woods less than a mile away from the family farm, reports.

It appears DaaS (Drones as a Service) is a thing.



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  1. Thanks for this writeup Chris. I had a look at DroneDeploy and they look like they’ve got a great platform – hope their app store is a success.


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