Rethinking work with an agile approach

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Regular readers will remember that last year I blogged about my conversation with fellow CSCer David Guin, who’s responsible for our global workplace strategy.

David explained how a new agile office strategy, which seeks to maximize the square footage of a building and prevent waste, has helped to reduce CSC’s property portfolio by around a quarter over the last three years.

In some cases, where roles dictate that people are away from the office regularly, offices may have  just 20 seats for 100 people. The positive tradeoff is in natural light being maximized and noise cancelling technology used to mitigate the issues often associated with an open plan office layout.

Agile working is definitely part of the sustainability solution, and over the past few months I’ve been looking into the other ways of minimizing our environmental impact.

Business people in meeting

Agile working means no longer being confined to a desk, even in the office.


Choosing the right building

Looking at the choice of building was an obvious place to start, and in this, we have a great example in our new corporate headquarters in Tysons, Virginia.

Designed to meet the requirements of LEED Platinum certification, the Tysons office is the latest in a series of CSC buildings that has excellent energy efficiency credentials, with natural lighting, insulation and an efficient layout providing a comfortable and energizing workplace for employees.

Our Paris office in La Défense is also designed to achieve high environmental quality against the French HQE certification, in addition to being a Platinum certified LEED building.

Using the logic of maximum occupancy that David explained to me, the building was designed to have one desk
to every three employees. The environmental benefits have been significant, with a reduction in energy consumption of more than 80 percent. Under the new strategy, we’ve also developed our agile workplace capabilities at facilities in Singapore and London.

Choosing the right technology

It’s clear that the environmental benefits of this type of agile working are compelling. As David said to me last year, “the greenest building in the world is the one you don’t need to build,” but in order for the strategy to work, people also need the technological capability to work while on the move. At CSC, this is where one of our own offerings, CSC MyWorkStyle, provides a solution.

CSC MyWorkStyle is a workplace solution that allows users to receive, process and manage information from a wide range of sources, meaning that they can work from wherever they are and don’t need to be tied to their desks or stuck in front of their computers.

Technology has indeed freed us to work in new and more flexible ways and, having adopted this strategy ourselves, we’re in a far better position to support customers who want to head down a similar path. It also means that we’re able to help our customers make the connections between business and environmental objectives.

While agile working may still not be for everyone, there’s no denying that in terms of cost and carbon saving, the benefits are clear. And as organizations everywhere deal with resource constraints, this is an issue that is not going away in a hurry.


Are sustainability ratings worth the effort?

Want to green your office? Cut it in half!

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