These technologies are transforming the digital workplace

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Gartner Vice President Matt Cain is a futurist who focuses on the intersection of technology, job skills and workforce culture. In a recent Forbes column, Matt lists 10 employee-facing technology trends that are transforming the digital workspace.

I’ve written about many of them, including immersive technologies such as augmented and virtual reality, as well as smart workplaces. But several others technologies, the Gartner futurist explains, will do much to improve employee productivity while helping enterprises achieve their business goals.

One is production studio technology, which Matt says “enables employees to package and deliver content such as sales collateral or internal presentations in new ways, with tools such as video, podcasts, infographics and nextgen presentation software.”

By empowering employees to create genuinely vibrant and creative sales and marketing content, enterprises can boost revenue, as well as employee satisfaction (because no one will ever again have to read a PowerPoint slide word for word).

Another is what Matt calls “silo-busters,” which are a range of tools that transcend traditional organizational boundaries that limit collaboration and productivity:

“They enable teams to solve problems and generate ideas across work silos — a longstanding challenge in many organizations. Social networks will play a role, along with idea jams, hackathons, plus collaborative work management and workstream collaboration tools.”

Finally, there’s a trend that leverages short bits of time (and attention spans) to improve the skills needed for employees to excel in the digital workplace. “Microlearning” uses a range of content forms, such as text messages, videos and games, to deliver these training resources to employees in a way that works best for them.

Does your enterprise use any of the technologies highlighted above? Let us know in the comments section below.


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