Without this, your mobile strategy will sputter and stall

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It’s the rare enterprise that isn’t embracing mobile technology as a way to increase employee productivity and overall business agility these days.

By allowing workers to access enterprise data and back-end services from their smartphones, companies enable workers to do their jobs anywhere and at anytime. But the number of connected devices these workers routinely use has increased over the past few years — and enterprise IT hasn’t always caught up.

A Statista survey from March 2016 shows that 31% of respondents in the U.S. use five or more connected devices, while 13% use four connected devices and 17% use three. Desktops, laptops, smartphones, tablets, e-readers — all of these may be used to connect to an enterprise network or database, giving employees unprecedented flexibility in how and where they do their jobs.

That is, if they’re able to do their jobs with those devices.

As ITProPortal contributor David Fearne notes, that’s where enterprise IT can help:

“One of the concepts key to ensuring success ‘on the go’ is productivity continuation. This refers to the ability to continue working appropriately and consistently on whatever device you’re using, and wherever you might be using it.”

Sounds simple and obvious, but if employees can’t pick up a job where they left off while working on another device, the productivity benefits of mobility can be seriously undermined. Yet that’s what happens when an employee starts a project on a laptop and then realizes on the way to the airport that he or she can’t access the necessary files from a smartphone or tablet.

What’s needed to ensure “productivity continuation,” Fearne argues, is a strategy “to cope with the greater choice and flexibility around access to IT services.”

That means deploying technologies such as 1) virtual desktops that can run on any mobile device and 2) cloud computing, which can deliver software as a service and free up data that would otherwise be siloed on a device or on-premise server.

By leveraging cloud and virtual technologies to ensure employees can be productive no matter which device they use to access data and services, enterprises make it easier for mobile workers to do their jobs. Without productivity continuation, your mobile employees will be trapped in a cul de sac of inefficiency and frustration, and your enterprise will fail to reap the full benefits of mobile.


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  1. There is increase in the freelance work also. Technology make it possible. What a good thing not only in the USA the use of technology increased, but the developing countries are also moving ahead like India future and present favourite Global market for all countries moving in the same direction with the aim towards the cashless country. This is all due to the advance technology – The rise of Smartphones.



  1. […] Without this, your mobile strategy will sputter and stall […]


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