What do ‘digital leaders’ do differently to inspire success?

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Digital transformation is still in its early days in Europe. Many clients in various industries are looking to digitalize their existing business or to enter new business models.

Great examples for how fast this topic is progressing can be found in the automotive industry or within manufacturing striving for Internet of Things (IoT) and Industry 4.0 solutions.

Beside technological challenges, there are also organizational barriers to overcome. IT companies like CSC are aiming to help clients with their digital journey by not only providing technologies but also digital thought leadership.

In a recent survey, 500 C-level executives inside and outside IT, among them top- level digital leaders, were asked about their perspective on the digital journey.

What Makes Digital Leaders: A Full C-Suite Perspective” is the title of the 7th annual survey report sponsored by CSC. As it turned out, there are 41 digital leaders among these 500 C-level executives.

The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) conducted the survey, revealing that digital leaders enable 37 percent better financial performance for their stakeholders compared to their non-digital competitors. In addition, the report indicates that digital leaders are able to link corporate strategy to their digital agenda and investments.

For digital leaders, IT strategy more often comes straight from the top: 44 percent of respondents indicate that the CEO leads IT strategy. And 51 percent of digital leaders say IT is a crucial partner in meeting strategic goals, compared with just 25 percent of other executives. Also the budget is controlled more often centrally within the IT organization, rather than having business units control the IT budgets.

Responses regarding collaboration and integration display the importance of leveraging collaboration technologies with less hierarchical organizational structures. 93 percent of digital leaders say that they share information somewhat or very effectively, which is a clear indication of the importance of modern collaboration technologies.

Digital leaders possess a higher level of integration across different functional areas and they also have a digital approach across all business functions. Regarding technology usage, digital leaders are already utilizing technologies such as public clouds (83 percent), hybrid clouds (84 percent) as well as next-generation collaboration tools (66 percent).

For more insights:
Watch the video overview: What Makes Digital Leaders?

Melih Yener is Chief Technology Officer for Central and Eastern Europe at CSC and leads the technology portfolio in that region. He is experienced in translating emerging big data and cloud technologies into profitable platform business and has deep knowledge on software-defined networking technologies. Melih leads client transformations towards cloud and digital business, and is an expert in building and leading incubation sales teams and technical talents.



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    Great read! Thank you for sharing the findings and your insight, Melih.


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