Hazards that slow the journey to public cloud

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The journey to public cloud consumption, especially to AWS, now follows a well-travelled road, and most forward-thinking organisations recognise the benefits that can be achieved by embracing what the public cloud offers.

Perks span from moving IT infrastructure spend from a capital expense to operational expense to setting up server-less infrastructure estates, as well as everything in between.

Despite this road being a well-travelled one, each organisation takes a different journey and reaches a unique destination. The path there must align with a cohesive cloud strategy – a strategy that, in turn, supports the short, medium and long-term organisational strategy.

Without a cohesive plan, support and experience behind an organization’s cloud team, the unsuspecting traveller can encounter challenging hazards:

Expensive wrong turns

This happens when the cloud implementation takes a turn down a blind alley that, at the time, seems like a short cut. The mistake can lead to unnecessary expense and a poor service to your customers, both internal and external.

The suspension-breaking pothole

If implementations are not planned properly, then the cost of the cloud becomes difficult to understand, at best, and completely opaque, at worst. The ideal solution enables organisations to directly attribute cloud cost to a specific project or business unit. If this can’t be done, you have no way of knowing if your monthly cloud bill is providing value. You will also not be able to identify and control unnecessary spend.

The cliff at the end of the road

This is the most dramatic and dangerous of the hazards and is often terminal to public cloud implementations. The cliff can come in many forms: a serious breech in security allowing customer data to be stolen; denial of service attacks on your public cloud bringing your environment to its knees; poor design, performance and integration with non-cloud applications. Any singular, large-scale event or a combination of smaller ones in a short space of time can lead to an abrupt and terminal end to the cloud journey and adoption.

Despite these potential obstacles and risks, the advantages certainly make the journey to public cloud a worthwhile one. So the question that organisations must ask is, how do we navigate the road successfully?

This is where companies like CSC come to the fore. We have taken our own cloud journey and have learnt from the challenges we encountered, managing to avoid the dreaded cliff edge. We have created specific cloud-based offerings – supported by an army of cloud professionals – that help customers reap benefits while avoiding hazards.

Organisations need a trusted navigator that has travelled the road many times and can guide them safely through every mile.

Christopher Leigh-Currill is a technology leader with over 20 years’ experience working and leading in all types of organszations, from two-man start-ups to global finance houses with thousands of employees. One constant between these vastly different roles is his desire to drive IT to deliver the goals of the business. This has naturally led Chris into the world of cloud and, in particular, into public cloud and AWS. Chris is currently helping to shape the new breed of cloud-based offerings at CSC. Connect with him on Twitter, @LeighCurrill.

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