Avoiding the ‘Hotel California’ experience in cloud

JP Morgan advisors recently released a 50-page document outlining the results of a CIO survey. The headline: Public cloud solutions are growing by 20% at the expense of traditional on-premise vendors.

This is remarkable but not surprising.

During a conversation I had recently with a CIO, we validated this trend. In fact, he had attended an event with 70 of his closest CIO friends, and every one of them wanted to answer this question: “How do I make better use of my public cloud usage?”

While business is definitely heading to the public cloud, it doesn’t mean that on-premises cloud usage is going away entirely. Each of those CIOs was investigating ways to take advantage of the right technology stacks and application services, while also considering security and optimal pricing.

But the experience of trying to extricate themselves from large contractual commitments with cloud vendors had them feeling a bit Hotel California’d.

Each CIO shared how they wanted to gain significant traction in their public cloud usage and adoption while also preventing the loss of commercial leverage.

This message deeply resonated with me and my role at DXC, where we believe businesses should be able to check in to any cloud they want at any time they like – and leave with their data intact.

With our hybrid cloud offerings, we support the ability for customers to make informed decisions regarding which cloud(s) deliver their application services. With the Agility Platform blueprinting capability for applications and services, our customer remains in the driver’s seat of workload placement.

We support a truly hybrid management experience, with both managed on-premises private cloud as well as public cloud access, to provide the optimal “fit for value” to our diverse client accounts. And I was glad to hear those CIOs are looking for this approach.

One of our customers, a global leader in insurance, had the same goal and extricated itself from a software and hardware provider to adopt a hybrid cloud solution that allowed the company to be more nimble. I expect we see more examples of this in 2017.

A “Hotel California” approach just doesn’t work in today’s business climate. But there are plenty of lovely (hybrid) places waiting to help you check in — no alibis needed.

Lindi Horton aka “Cloud Whisperer” specializes in cloud transformation. Lindi makes every day an adventure in supporting DXC cloud customers on the pathway to successful ROI with cloud. In previous roles, she’s been an experienced entrepreneur and network performance specialist. She is passionate about being a leader in the cloud technology landscape and supports people in empowering cloud ideas, solutions and ways of being in enterprises.



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  1. charles Thomas says:

    Very true. Like the “Hotel California” comparison!


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