The new face of enterprise collaboration

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Just a few weeks ago, Facebook unveiled a cloud-based collaboration platform called “Workplace.” The goal was to challenge Slack, the popular team collaboration tool used in many enterprises, by offering a familiar interface that would make it easier for employees to adopt the app en masse.

Not everyone was convinced, however. “Facebook is not seen as a true enterprise tool,” to quote one analyst. “Sure, it’s used by many organizations as a means of engaging with prospects and customers, but it’s essentially airlocked from the rest of the enterprise systems.”

Maybe not so much anymore.

At the recent TechCrunch Disrupt London, Facebook unveiled a collaboration app platform that will allow enterprises to integrate Workplace with business and productivity apps such as email, calendaring, CRM and file sharing, as TechCrunch reports.

The big picture here is the further consumerization of the enterprise.

Over the past decade, employees have been increasingly insistent on using their own devices and apps to do their jobs. It only makes sense that they also would want to collaborate using a familiar tool that’s integrated with other enterprise resources. The goal, of course, is to increase productivity while decreasing frustration and downtime as workers switch between platforms.

When dealing with technology originating from the consumer side, enterprises must consider whether it is secure and scalable enough for the business. But whether the technology is a simple app or an entire collaboration platform, the No. 1 factor that determines its effectiveness is the level of employee adoption.

To that end, familiarity, ease of use and intuitiveness will always win the day. Facebook seems to get that.



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