Believe it or not, the enterprise mobile era is just beginning

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As the year 2016 winds (or is it grinds?) to an end, mobile devices have become ubiquitous in the workplace.

In giant corporations, small businesses and everywhere in between, employees are using smartphones and laptops — either personally owned or company-issued — to do their jobs, in the office, at home or on the road.

Yet we’re far from the point of mobile saturation in the enterprise, according to market intelligence and consulting firm Future Market Insights (FMI). In a new global forecast, FMI said it expects a 30% compound annual growth rate in the market for enterprise mobility and BYOD management tools through 2023 “as mobile devices coupled with competitive pressure are anticipated to drive demand.”

The market research firm cites several reasons familiar to most enterprise IT professionals:

Mobile devices are increasingly adopted owing to several advantages such as Internet access, personalized information and enterprise data. Companies are required to manage mobile devices, workspace, mobile content, and mobile application in order to minimize the overabundance of information, applications, and devices in the enterprises. Proliferating implementation of mobile applications is expected to surge the need to control the applications security, data and version.

Further, enterprises are getting to the next level of mobile management by adapting Mobile Application Management (MAM), Mobile Information Management (MIM) and Mobile Device Management (MDM) platforms to their infrastructures.

“With increasing adoption of these technologies, vendors have started customization by adding MIM or MAM features to MDM,” FMI said. “These solutions are crucial, as workers across diverse industrial verticals anticipate working from home and need to travel regularly for business.”

FMI noted that the high initial cost of deployment may prevent some enterprises from investing in enterprise mobility management solutions during the forecast period. But as the benefits of mobile and related technologies, such as cloud computing, become increasingly obvious over time, enterprises sitting on the sidelines may find themselves permanently out of the game.


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