4 things digital leaders do to set themselves apart

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IT spending: It’s flat, it’s peaked, it’s growing only nominally.

So go recent reports from a number of market research firms. But that’s not the experience of digital leaders — a distinct group of companies that have gone entirely digital across all major enterprise functions.

On the contrary, digital leaders spend more money on IT than their peers. And it’s just one of the smart business decisions digital leaders are making to set themselves apart from the pack.

A survey conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) and sponsored by DXC puts the spotlight on these tactics. Our report, “What Makes Digital Leaders: A Full C-Suite Perspective,” is available for download now.

The survey queried more than 500 C-level and other senior executives, both inside and outside of IT, at hundreds of companies of different sizes, regions and industries. Of those companies, 41 were identified as digital leaders.

Taking a closer look at what these companies are doing differently to be successful, four things jump out:

1  Nearly four in 10 digital leaders expect their IT spending to increase significantly in the next three years, compared with just 15 percent of other companies surveyed.

2  Digital leaders are more likely than their peers to invest in public, private and hybrid cloud, and also in tablets and collaboration software. These are all technologies that accelerate their digital authority, improve integration of IT infrastructures across functions and geographies and increase information sharing.

3  Mobility is the new normal. Respondents at digital companies see app modernization (49%), collaboration (44%) and mobility (39%) as priorities to empower the mobile workforce.

4  Surprisingly, digital leaders are putting more money into traditional computing resources as well, investing in on-premises servers and desktops and/or laptops. About 60 percent of digital leaders in the report said they will increase use of these technologies in the next three years, compared with only 40 percent of other companies during the same period.

It’s great to see how digital leaders are investing in IT to give their companies a strategic advantage in the years ahead. These are insights we can all benefit from on our journeys to the digital enterprise.

To learn more about digital leaders and how these companies approach technology, check out the“What Makes Digital Leaders: A Full C-Suite Perspective.”


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