Make your mobile apps a gift for customers and employees

Digital and mobile technologies have empowered consumers like never before, enabling them to conduct research and make purchases on the go with connected smart devices.

This creates a growing challenge for enterprises competing for consumer dollars and loyalty. Increasing consumer expectations, particularly with millennials, makes buyers simply intolerant of poor customer support, inadequate apps and confusing interfaces. If something’s not getting the job done, they’ll quickly seek an alternative — and there’s always an alternative.

This applies not only to consumer-oriented apps, but to apps designed for enterprise workers, who want familiar, easy-to-navigate tools that allow them to be more productive. Yet many enterprises struggle to deliver the types of apps that internal AND external customers want.

Over at ITProPortal, contributor Oren Ariel says enterprises trying to up their mobile game “should turn to successful consumer apps for inspiration.”

“Many of the leading consumer apps have mastered the concept of a simple consumer experience, created cross-device compatibility, and incorporated new technologies like chat bots and voice to improve the user experience,” Ariel writes.

Indeed, the user experience has to be the starting point in mobile app development. Otherwise, an enterprise mobile initiative courts inevitable failure.

One key point Ariel raises is cross-device compatibility: Most consumers today use multiple devices and expect interactions with enterprises to cross seamlessly from their smartphone to their desktop to their tablet and back. They don’t want to have to start a transaction, a process or a job over from the beginning just because they had to switch devices.

“This year’s start to the holiday shopping season has demonstrated what people are coming to expect from their mobile experiences,” Ariel concludes. “There’s an immense opportunity for enterprises to take what consumer and retail apps have done well, and apply that to the creation of their own enterprise mobile applications.”

Superior mobile apps are like a gift to consumers and employees that also pay off for the enterprise. Everyone wins.


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  1. […] Make your mobile apps a gift for customers and employees […]


  2. […] Make your mobile apps a gift for customers and employees […]


  3. […] Make your mobile apps a gift for customers and employees […]


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