DXC Blogs: 10 top posts of 2016

As we wind down 2016 and celebrate the start of a new year, it’s a great time to reflect on the “year that was” in DXC Blogs. And what a year it was!

The program grew substantially over the past 12 months as we added new voices, important topics and lots of intelligent, thoughtful content – more than 700 posts to be exact.

As I did last year, I want to call special attention to 10 of our top-performing posts of 2016. To represent the depth and breadth of coverage, I’ve compiled this list by identifying the top posts in 10 different categories covered on our site.

Read, reread, enjoy and share!


1 APPLICATIONS: Windows 10: Mapping your journey

applicationsWith this piece, workplace expert Stu Downes kicks off a series of posts on how enterprises should approach Windows 10 adoption. “IT is under pressure to show increased value, and Windows 10 is one lever they are pulling – and, from my observation, pulling now and pulling hard,” he writes. Downes maps out three paths to Windows 10, describing the end-goal of the journey: a total reimagining of the workplace.


2 BIG DATA: How to build (and execute) a real data strategy

big-dataIf business is a game of chess, then big data can get you to checkmate. In this post, data scientist Jerry Overton shares a method for building winning data strategies with the goal of speeding up time to insights. How? A fascinating process called Industrial Machine Learning. “The true value of big data initiatives is the ability to generate continuous insights at enterprise scale,” Overton writes. Checkmate, indeed!


3 CAREER: When first-day jitters affect first impressions

careerThis funny read from a DXC intern describes the kind of bad first impression we’ve all made at one point or another. Marketing intern Bradley Mann writes about botching his boss’ name on the first day of work. “That’s it, the intern thinks. No rebounding from this,” Mann writes. Of course, he survived the experience and turned his story into a good piece of career advice: “What’s important is adjusting to situations that arise – good or bad – and continuing to strive for your personal and professional goals.” Well said!


4 CLOUD: Google gets its cloud together

cloudThe cloud category garnered the most views on DXC Blogs in 2016 – and this piece on Google’s cloud strategy topped them all. Writer Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols explains the giant’s move to integrate various cloud offerings under one brand: Google Cloud. Why the change? To better serve enterprise customers, Vaughan-Nichols writes. Makes sense this bit of news was especially of interest to our audience.


5 CYBERSECURITY: Theft of employee iPhone results in $650,000 HIPAA fine

cyberThe headline alone should make anyone who handles patient data pause, click – and figure out how NOT to repeat such an expensive mistake. Cybersecurity expert George V. Hulme describes how the theft of a stolen (unencrypted, not-password-protected) cellphone carrying patient information resulted in the massive HIPAA fine. Especially notable is the fact that the phone was owned by an IT vendor that provided service to a nursing home organization. Third-party providers, take note!


6 DEVOPS: DevOps tool Ansible gets a major overhaul

devopsTo make full use of the cloud, enterprises need to adopt DevOps practices and tools. Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols describes a major upgrade to one of the best in this piece on Ansible 2.0. “Ansible doesn’t require your IT crew to be coding samurai,” he writes. “It’s designed to make it easy to automate cloud deployment and configuration to rolling upgrades.”


7 DIGITAL ENTERPRISE: Journey to the Digital Enterprise

digital-enterpriseThe most-read post of 2016 was CTO Dan Hushon’s overview of the digital enterprise. The piece kicked off a series of posts and white papers on what DXC calls the “digital shifts” – technologies such as cloud, software-defined networks and digital applications that change the way business is done. “I believe the time is ripe for a massive transformation of each layer of the IT stack,” Hushon writes in this post. That basic idea drove DXC’s thought leadership and inspired countless conversations with clients throughout 2016.


8 LEADERSHIP AND SUCCESS: Leading the digital business, beyond the technology

leadershipOn the flip side of the technology equation are the people using those digital tools. Americas Region CTO Jim Houghton explores how business leaders can ensure employees support, rather than impede, transformation in his blog. “[T]he digital transformation drastically shifts the social and organizational dynamics of an enterprise. And if a workforce is not prepared for, or, even worse, resistant to change, the business will suffer,” he writes.


9 MOBILITY: Subtle signs an employee’s smartphone has been hacked

mobility2016 brought cybersecurity issues to the forefront – in the enterprise and beyond. This piece by contributor Chris Nerney explores a topic that hits close to home: a hacked smartphone. Nerney offers some tips for telling if your personal or work phone has been compromised. One tell-tale sign? It’s too hot to handle!


10 WORKPLACE: Is your workplace millennialized?

workNerney had another big hit in this piece on millennials in the workforce. In case you’ve missed the hype, these digital natives are entering the workplace en masse, and will comprise half of all U.S. workers by 2020. What can the enterprise do to prepare? Keep work flexible, accessible and collaborative, Nerney writes, just the way the youngsters like it.


Well, that wraps up 2016. Happy new year from DXC Blogs!



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