Year in Review: Productivity, workplace and other topics with Technology Perspectives

Just under 12 months ago, I reflected on the progress we had made with the Technology Perspectives blog that shares thought leadership from DXC technologists. I knew that there was more great content for us to share, and 2016 has started to see that coming out.

Here are just a few chosen extracts from the year:

We’ve looked at productivity and what makes us productive. The discussion about productivity and place was particularly active this year:

The technology changes in the workplace have also been a significant theme, covering devices to Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things. Much of this adds extra context to the company’s Journey to the Digital Enterprise white papers:

All of this technology change is going to require a significant change in the skills we all need. Skills and experience has been another topic we’ve covered this year:

One of the great things about the technical community in DXC is that it’s so broad. It’s difficult to highlight this broadness without covering all of the blog posts, but here are a few other good reads, in no particular order:

I’m really looking forward to sharing some more great content in 2017, and thank you to all of our authors.

Graham Chastney is a technologist in UK Office of the CTO. He has worked in the arena of workplace technology for over 25 years, starting as a sysprog supporting IBM DISOSS and DEC All-in-1. Latterly Graham has been working with DXC’s customers to help them understand how they exploit the changing world of workplace technology. Graham lives with his family in the United Kingdom.

Twitter: @grahamchastney


  1. Lisa Braun says:

    Very nice round-up, Graham! Good collection of themes to focus the various posts and our thinking.

    Liked by 1 person

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