Operational efficiency: A must-have for digital retail

Operations is the one part of your business consumers rarely see. That might be changing.

In fact, retailers now need an optimized, innovative and lean approach to operations to meet the requirements of today’s customer-facing business. Operational efficiency is your new must-have, and not just for the cost-savings you’ve yearned to achieve in the past.

Consumers are becoming mini-brands unto themselves. They can use their distinctive preferences to form unique, personal relationships with retailers. Sounds like a good thing — and it is. But for retailers, this requires new levels of engagement.

Specifically, you need to create additional value for your customers. Not only in transactions, as you already have for years, but also in your own supply chain — which, in the past, your customers never saw.

What does this mean? Retailers need to give consumers the ability to see what, where and how their product or service is being delivered. And they’ll have to do this in a way that takes the consumer’s preference into account for each step of the process.

Get this right, and you can expect to improve your brand loyalty, reduce your waste and lower your delivery costs.

Ready to get started? We’ve identified 4 key areas:

Mobility: To improve the customer experience, provide your in-store associates and agents with mobile devices. Enable consumer engagement via beacon or Wi-Fi to your mobile applications as a way to enable direct engagement and omnichannel visibility.

Supply Chain: Greater visibility is the ticket for both your staff and customers. Any approach you take to enhance this will need to reach across all channels.

Transport: Can you ensure that the right product or service is in the right place at the right time? If not, you have work to do.

Incident Management & Analytics: Your goal here is the ability to respond quickly and effectively to incidents. The payoff? High levels of customer satisfaction.

Michael S. Deittrick is an expert in retail and consumer systems. A thought leader in enterprise architecture and business enablement strategies, he is responsible for enterprise solution development and enterprise strategy for the retail and consumer sector.


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  1. One should Focus on improving operational efficiency and reducing waste in all in-store processes. Retail supply chain management: Improves the flow of goods from the supplier to the shelf through better planning and implementation.



  1. […] Operational efficiency: A must-have for digital retail […]


  2. […] Operational efficiency: A must-have for digital retail […]


  3. […] Operational efficiency: A must-have for digital retail […]


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