Asia-Pacific emerging as digital trailblazer, thanks to mobility

Given the huge number of mobile connections in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region – 3.1 billion expected by 2020 — it should probably be no surprise that APAC companies plan to increase their use of mobile technologies in the years to come, more so than enterprises in other regions of the world.

That finding came from a recent survey sponsored by CSC. The study, conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), showed that 61 percent of APAC companies (representing Australia, China, India and Singapore) will increase their use of smartphones in the next three years Only 56 percent of European companies surveyed made the same claim.

By investing more heavily in mobility, APAC companies are positioning themselves as digital workplace trailblazers.

Smartphones and other mobile devices allow workers to easily access and share information from anywhere at any time. In today’s marketplace, these devices provide a well-entrenched platform on which to deliver innovative services to customers.

That kind of innovation obviously resonates in APAC. The GSMA, which represents mobile operators worldwide, has reported that Asia is rapidly building digital societies in which citizens can access and interact with public and private services, such as utilities, education, health and transportation, anytime and anywhere.

And in Australia, mobile working is becoming the norm, with 84 percent of respondents to a different survey saying that staff regularly performs jobs outside the office or a fixed location. (That survey, by the way, was done by Telsyte, an independent emerging technology research and advisory business. Check out the findings here.)

The EIU survey found that APAC has about the same percentage of digital leaders – companies that are entirely digital across all major functions – as other regions. We also tie with our peers in how effectively we share information.

Another fast-growing technology in the region is cloud computing. Although APAC companies trail other regions in moving to private and hybrid clouds, we have a slim lead in the adoption of public cloud, according to the survey.

A bit worrisome, though, is the fact that only 35 percent of APAC respondents say they are using cybersecurity tools, while just 22 percent plan to start. As cloud and mobility measures take off, that could become a point of concern.

Download the full report at this site, and check out the article, “Asia-Pacific: Strategic and mobile-focused” for more on the APAC region.

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