DXC Agility Platform now integrated with Docker Swarm

The DXC Agility Platform team has just released a brand new integration (Adapter) to Docker Swarm.

Docker Swarm is a clustering and scheduling tool for Docker containers. Swarm allows IT administrators and developers to manage a cluster of Docker nodes as a single virtual system. With this new Adapter, the Agility Platform can now orchestrate the deployment of Docker containers via Swarm.

To rewind a bit — In the past, in order to virtualize an application, the application must have been installed and configured on an operating system (OS). The operating system, application, libraries and all of the dependencies then got deployed as a virtual machine (instance, AMI, workload, etc.). While this has worked over the years and provided many benefits, there is always room to improve.

With containers, there is now a separation between the operating system and the application. What this means is, the application itself can be virtualized (without the OS) and deployed. A single OS can support multiple, containerized applications, which in turn reduces the footprint, maintenance, etc., of the entire virtualized environment significantly.

With the support for Docker Swarm in the Agility Platform, application owners and others within IT are now able to design blueprints with containers.

Users need to deploy applications (instances, workloads and now containers) in a manner that meets corporate guidelines, security requirements, governance, policies, etc. They may deploy parts of an overall service (CRM, payroll, email, etc.) to a private cloud within a private data center or to a specific region in a public cloud provider. They will have to follow other application requirements, such as firewall rules, storage, networking, etc. The Agility Platform can now support additional endpoints for where the service will be provisioned.

The new Adapter has many features, including:

  • Support for the following lifecycle operations of the Swarm service:
    • Deploy/Start
    • Release
    • Reconfigure/Updates to the service
  • Support for provisioning of multiple Swarm Network and Volume services with different names in the same blueprint
  • Support for the provisioning of Docker containers by using a Swarm service in a pre-existing and preconfigured Swarm cluster
  • Support for pulling private and public images from Docker Hub
  • Support for the use of Network as a Service across all Swarm clusters through the Create and Release operations
  • Enables users to create and release volumes from the Swarm Manager
  • Certified against vSphere and AWS

Please refer to the release notes for more details on features and functionality.

Customers who have the Agility Platform installed within their own data center(s) can upgrade to the newest version of Agility and/or updated adapters. Please refer to the documentation to review which versions of the Agility Platform the Adapters have been certified against; an upgrade of Agility may be required.

For customers using DXC managed cloud offerings, such as BizCloud or DXC Hybrid Cloud, discuss this update with your account representative. Those DXC Services follow a separate schedule for updating the platform and the unique services they provide.

– Tobin Isenberg


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