How DXC MyWorkStyle empowers clients in Digital Disruption

2016 was a very exciting year for the DXC MyWorkStyle teams, with ongoing wins, the solution build and the solution deployment of tailored offering components to a range of large corporate clients.

Clients included AMP (APAC), BlueScope Steel (APAC), Geoscience Australia, UK Metropolitan Police Service and Vattenfall (EMEA).

You can find the DXC success stories and media releases here:

I’m also proud to share that the hard work by DXC MyWorkStyle teams across the world is being recognised by our partners. One of our largest partners Citrix, recently recognized DXC as a leader in two award categories:

  • Most Innovative Security Solution
  • Most Innovative Workspace Solution


Why are clients moving to MyWorkStyle?

DXC’s Chief Technology Officer Dan Hushon outlines a clear vision for how businesses can start their transformation to the new digital enterprise, outlined in a series of thought-provoking positioning papers, “Journey to the Digital Enterprise.

The DXC MyWorkStyle offering aims to deliver on the main idea of the workplace position paper: “The New Digital Workplace is Contextual.” This happens through:

Outside-In Collaboration: Tools and approaches that foster improved real-time partner, client, customer and corporate engagements, allowing new clients to leverage thought leadership from outside the organisation, through various social media channels, as well as sharing across trusted partners and customers.

Consumer Experience: Self-service tools and bring-your-own-device policies that improve employee engagement and productivity.

Automation: Agility blueprinting, PowerShell & C# code and DevOps processes are reducing manual labour, reducing human error rates and improving repeatability. This provides a higher quality service, with lower costs and an increased time to market.

Agile Hybrid Cloud Platform: Integrated with Microsoft Office 365 and with plans to integrate with other partner clouds, including Microsoft Azure, the new workplace platform provides leading-edge partner capabilities to clients quickly, at a low price point.

Real-time Analytics: By providing deep insights into how end-users are consuming digital workplace services, organisations can retire services that are rarely used and enhance favourite services. Self-healing capabilities allow proactive, automated maintenance of the services, with minimal manual intervention and little business disruption, increasing the availability and quality of the workplace experience.

Partnering:  Form new relationships with your partners, clients, customers and employees by leveraging their intellectual property investments. Large tech cloud leaders such as Citrix, Amazon and Microsoft have incredible research and development spend to produce intellectual property. Leverage those investments.


These pillars are key to “disrupting” competitors, by:

  • Attracting and retaining talent and digital disruptors that naturally thrive despite uncertainty and change.
  • Encouraging people to think and act differently and naturally “disrupt” by focusing on ideas that leapfrog the competition.
  • Leveraging partner investments and utilizing automation everywhere to increase value, improve quality and reduce prices. Less is More.
  • Experimenting, learning and failing fast in everything you do. Innovation requires an investment in sound risk management to give you the edge.
  • Consuming next-generation cloud services from a global IT leader. This positions your business to focus on increasing revenue and profits, rather than “keeping the lights on.”

Businesses that are successful in disrupting their competitors and, in many cases, partners will be leaders in the new economy. DXC MyWorkStyle is a great starting point to help take you on the on the Digital Workplace journey.

Paul Colmer is a Senior Principal Cloud Architect of the DXC MyWorkStyle Platform offering, Fellow of the British Computer Society, Fellow of the London College of Music, State Emergency Service Volunteer and a professional music composer and performer based in Brisbane, Australia. His areas of expertise and passion include cloud platforms, data science, meteorology, music composition & orchestration, storm damage operations and height safety. Connect with him on Twitter: @MusicComposer1.



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