Will this Google upgrade boost productivity for mobile workers?

The most important business case for enterprise mobility is increased productivity.

Armed with their own (or company-issued) mobile devices and innumerable mobile apps, today’s enterprise employees are able to be as productive on the go as they are behind a desktop in the office.

Theoretically, anyway.

The truth, as most mobile workers know, is that the smaller form factor of smartphones and limitations in app functionality can make it hard and frustrating to get anything done.

Eliminating these productivity obstacles can be a long slog for developers. Progress is typically iterative, with the occasional major upgrade. Fortunately for Android users (and even iOS users!), Google recently announced one big upgrade that will make a difference.

The big upgrade — the first in five years — is to the Google Voice apps, which received a long-overdue makeover. As BGR’s Jacob Siegal puts it:

“The most obvious change is the user interface, which has been completely overhauled to finally look like something that belongs in the second half of this decade.”


“It’s cleaner, sleeker and fits in much better with the rest of Google’s modern apps, both on mobile devices and on the web.”

Specifically, Google has created separate tabs for text messages, calls and voice mails, enabled conversations with one contact to stay in a single continuous thread and upgraded messaging support for group and photo MMS and in-notification replies. Further, these upgrades apply to iOS devices and desktops.

Google’s new features for Google Docs and Sheets mobile apps will be a welcome relief for Android and iOS device users who have been frustrated by the inability to execute basic editing functions. Now Android users will be able to:

  • Insert and edit headers and footers in Docs
  • Drag and drop text in Docs
  • Resize, move and rotate images in Docs, as well as change their text wrapping and border styles

Don’t worry, iPhone and iPad users; Google’s got some goodies for you. You now can:

  • Insert headers and footers in Docs
  • Insert page numbers in headers and footers in Docs
  • Change a page’s size, orientation and color in Docs
  • Insert and edit solid, dashed and dotted borders in Sheets

These new features are being rolled out, so if you don’t have them now, you should soon. Now go forth and be (more) productive.


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