Productivity and collaboration require the right workplace environments

A growing number of technologies allow enterprise employees to work in ways that seemed inconceivable 10 years ago.

Cloud computing, wireless, mobile and other technologies now enable a home-based developer in Europe to collaborate with development teammates at headquarters in the U.S., or a traveling EVP of sales to meet remotely with the marketing team to strategize before a big client meeting.

It’s easy to get swept away by the possibilities to enhance productivity and collaboration with technology. But it’s equally important to remember that productivity and collaboration have to happen somewhere. And that somewhere must be conducive to all of the processes that go into getting things done.

Many enterprises, particularly those with a high percentage of millennial employees, already are exploring new ways of organizing workspaces to optimize productivity, creativity and collaboration. Condeco Software, a meeting-room and workspace tools vendor, recently offered a number of predictions regarding workspace trends that will impact enterprise employees in 2017.

Condeco sees a big move this year toward “adaptable office furniture”:

Flexible working or activity-based working has been a common theme for 2017, but without the right office space, promoting flexible options is easier said than done. Adaptable furniture, such as modular sofas and standing desks, enables flexible working to take place. If a team project starts, employees can go away from their desks and take the furniture with them.

Condeco also sees an increase in the use of occupancy centers that “will empower organizations to understand how their workplace is being used to maximize office utilization.” In a related prediction, the company sees a decline in personal workspaces as desk-sharing continues to gain in popularity.

Finally, while few enterprises will offer on-site massages, expect a rise in the number of wellness programs this year as organizations recognize the importance of employee well-being to productivity and loyalty.

What new workplace trends and technologies is your enterprise using in 2017?


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  1. […] Productivity and collaboration require the right workplace environments […]

  2. […] Productivity and collaboration require the right workplace environments […]

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