Intel is getting ready for a post-PC world

Moore’s Law — which states that processing power doubles every two years — has been a guiding principle of computing for decades. But technological progress finally may be outpacing Moore’s Law, and chipmaker Intel wants to be ready.

As IDG News Service reports, Intel is spending money developing “technologies to drive computing beyond today’s PCs and servers.”

The chipmaker is ‘investing heavily’ in quantum and neuromorphic computing, said Brian Krzanich, CEO of Intel, during a question-and-answer session at the company’s investor day on Thursday

“We are investing in those edge type things that are way out there,” Krzanich said.

Not to mention many years away. But the truth is that Intel has no choice.

“Researching in these technologies, which are still in their infancy, is something Intel has to do to survive for many more decades,” IDG News Service writes. “Shrinking silicon chips and cramming more features into them is becoming difficult, and Intel is already having trouble in manufacturing smaller chips.”

The current model of computing requires data to be pushed to a processor, where it is calculated and then returned to memory. But data growth and the imperatives of real-time processing are creating massive storage and memory bottlenecks that impair computing performance. In our era of no-patience, instant gratification, the resultant latency can be costly. In the coming era of autonomous vehicles, this type of processing under-performance can be dangerous or even deadly.

That’s where quantum computers and neuromorphic chips come in, IDG News Service writes:

“Quantum computers have the potential to be powerful computers harnessing the unique quality of a large number of qubits to perform multiple calculations in parallel. Neuromorphic chips are modeled after the human brain, which could help computers make decisions based on patterns and associations.”

These advances not only will make processing power faster, they’ll make artificial intelligence even smarter. Then we can rely on machines to come up with the next processing breakthrough.


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