Cloud integration now tops mobile priorities, survey finds

Cloud integration and mobile data management are top priorities for mobile initiatives at large enterprises, according to a recent survey.

Two-thirds of the nearly 600 IT decision-makers surveyed (by B2B research platform Clutch and mobility services company DMI) identified cloud computing as the key enabler of mobile data management.

Varun Dogra, chief technology officer at DMI, said the enterprise migration to the cloud is about three things: scalability, accessibility and security. “We have seen the way mobility has grown in the enterprise — initially it was about device security and accessing emails. Now enterprise mobility is more about applications and data,” said Dogra. “It’s mobile first, cloud first everywhere.”

The survey indicates that large enterprises will make cloud integration a top priority over the next year. Nearly one-third of survey respondents (30%) anticipate more investment in cloud integration, while 28% said cloud integration should “provide significant benefits” to their enterprises.

Respondents cited a number of benefits to investing in mobility, with “improved employee productivity” topping the list (19%), followed by “improved data access” (15%), increased sales, improved internal communications, improved data capture and accuracy and improved customer engagement, all at 14%.

Twenty-one percent of respondents see securing data as the biggest mobility challenge. Other challenges include budgets (15%), device management (13%), employee training and change management (12%), effective custom application development (11%), legacy application integration and application deployment/ management (both at 10%) and lack of organizational support (7%).

Perhaps most telling, a clear majority (69%) of respondents said their enterprises expect to invest more in mobile technology this year. Only 7% said they expect to invest less.


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