Getting your enterprise ready for IoT

IT professionals have heard plenty over the past year about how the Internet of Things (IoT) is going to dramatically impact their enterprises and their jobs.

Indeed, many IT pros already are managing devices connected via the Internet to their networks and infrastructure. These pros are learning what many learned not long ago as they implemented their enterprises’ mobile initiatives: These things are best done with some planning!

As with all major technology initiatives, planning an IoT rollout must begin with clearly defined business goals and expected outcomes. From there, it’s about having the right strategy, technologies and skills to create and manage an IoT network.

PC Mag’s Rob Marvin has written an in-depth three-part series based on interviews he did at Mobile World Congress with enterprise leaders who are aggressively embracing IoT, “from chip makers and IoT security companies to industry-specific vendors operating connected solutions for enterprise customers.”

“Across all of these companies, a few pervading themes emerged,” Marvin writes. “When building a network of connected IoT devices that’s truly ‘enterprise-ready,’ there are three big boxes you have to check off: comprehensive security, interoperability and standardization, and building mature applications that are feeding you data and analytics you can actually use.”

Those first two — security and interoperability — are IoT table stakes. But it’s the ability to collect and analyze data that enables enterprises to fully leverage the strategic and operational benefits of IoT. And that’s where cloud computing is essential. By liberating IoT data from siloed legacy data centers, Marvin notes, “enterprises can use it for not just maintenance and repairs but things such as forecasting and predictive analytics to increase production and streamline operations.”

A recent report from IDC identifies the top industries leading IoT investment and adoption:

  1. Manufacturing ($178 billion in IoT investments in 2016)
  2. Transportation ($78 billion)
  3. Utilities ($69 billion)

Specifically, manufacturing operations saw the biggest chunk of the overall IT investment in that sector ($102.5 billion), IDC said, as these companies sought to control costs by optimizing manufacturing processes and improving equipment performance through preventative and predictive maintenance. The second-largest use case, at $55.9 billion, is freight monitoring, according to IDC.

Is your organization using IoT or planning to embrace it soon?


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