Augmented, virtual reality markets to soar as enterprise use cases emerge

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Augmented and virtual reality headset sales will increase to nearly 100 million units in 2021, up from 10.1 million units last year, IDC predicts.

“New device launches, an expanding array of content for both consumer and enterprise users, and lower price points will propel the worldwide augmented and virtual reality headset device market at a breakneck pace,” the company said when announcing results from its Worldwide Quarterly Augmented and Virtual Reality Headset Tracker.

“2016 marked an important step for the AR and VR headset market with product finally arriving in end users’ hands and on their heads,” said Ramon Llamas, research manager with IDC’s Augmented and Virtual Reality team. “While there was clear demand coming primarily from technology enthusiasts, what became readily apparent were the use cases for enterprise users across multiple verticals and for consumers with gaming and content consumption.”

IDC said AR and VR in the enterprise “is expected to raise productivity, allowing workers to see and interact with data, like a building blueprint or the organs of a human being, instead of viewing a static image on a screen.”

“Changes and procedures can be mapped out ahead of time before moving on to the actual work, saving companies two precious resources: time and cost,” IDC said. “Vertical markets, such as manufacturing and design, healthcare, transportation, and retail stand to benefit the most.”

As PCWorld notes, AR is attracting interest from manufacturers. Lockheed Martin, for example, is using AR headsets to design and test spacecraft. Lockheed engineering manager Darin Bolthouse tells PCWorld‘s Magdalena Petrova, “The ability to pull together all information that the technician has to reference in building a satellite or a space craft and all the other products that we build here, the ability to have all that information available in the [Microsoft] HoloLens, and the guided instructions to pull together a product is going to have a tremendous advantage.”

Another aeronautics manufacturer, Boeing, as well as car makers Volkswagen and BMW also are experimenting with AR, Petrova writes.


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  1. Definitely.. Its sales must be increased because Peoples are adopting this new technology very quick I think. Thanks for sharing with us 😀



  1. […] Augmented, virtual reality markets to soar as enterprise use cases emerge […]


  2. […] Augmented, virtual reality markets to soar as enterprise use cases emerge […]


  3. […] Augmented, virtual reality markets to soar as enterprise use cases emerge […]


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