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In life we have many metaphors to describe the rising and falling of the tumultuous experiences we encounter, and consequently, learn and grow from.

We know that life is a journey, we should enjoy detours, and we should take the scenic route every once in a while. We know there are things we can’t control, but we also know that each experience, planned or unexpected, fits into a bigger picture to create that unique person we are becoming. The challenge is to thrive on change by embracing the ups AND the downs as part of a positive evolution.

In nature there are four consistent seasons, but the precise day that winter has thawed and flowers begin to bud is variable. When spring arrives, we wouldn’t sit outside bundled up in a winter jacket just because the vernal equinox was still a week away. Instead we would hang up our down jackets, fold our scarves, tuck away our gloves and enjoy the new beginnings that spring brings.

Even though the calendar deadline for the cold season was abruptly pushed forward, we realize we must adapt with the changes as they occur. Resisting the omnipotent force which gently, but firmly nudges us along, will prove to be not only futile, but counterproductive.

It seems like a deeply amusing visual, some Ebenezer Scrooge type pouting next to a patch of green grass, but it happens in our lives, and in our work all too frequently. Often, we are met with change-resistance, sometimes in the workplace and sometimes even within ourselves.

When working with a new team, or creating dialogue around impactful strategies, it’s tempting to not fully immerse yourself in a new direction because it feels akin to stretching a tad outside your comfort zone. It can be hard to change, but we know, much like the changing seasons, little can be done to stop it, so why not embrace it?

When faced with something new and unfamiliar, the trick is to figure out what the opportunity is; not view it as an obstacle, but as a trigger point which has the potential to be something very engaging, educational, and even—positive. By taking some time to step back and take a long, hard look at all the possibilities further down the road, we can find ourselves to be less overwhelmed, and more comfortable. Hey, we may even become excited and energized with this new perspective.

We have to be mindful and confident that the path we lead will be where success follows. Our ability in the alliance arena to look at the bigger picture and access where we can truly add value will help us inevitably better serve the customer. Once we decide to embrace change as opportunity, then we can step back and see what possibilities are within reach. The key is to develop a very long term vision that you are working toward every day.

By being able to see the big picture, you will have an integral role in painting it.

Catherine Mann is a Global Partner Executive at Hitachi where she leads and motivates virtual teams to achieve successful results. She is a mentor in the Women of Hitachi Program and lives in California.

This guest post is provided by Hitachi Data Systems, a member of the DXC Partner Network. Hitachi Data Systems is your partner for digital transformation today and tomorrow to modernize faster, monetize more and innovate for tomorrow with the only integrated data management portfolio that unlocks the value of your unstructured data – from legacy to emerging technology.



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