Choosing the right collaboration platform saves money and time

Digital technology has enabled a new generation of workplace collaboration tools that allow employees to brainstorm, coordinate activities and jointly develop products.

But with so many collaboration platforms available, how do enterprise leaders choose the tools that will be most effective — and most widely adopted? It’s a genuine dilemma, as any enterprise employee who has had to endure learning (and then abandoning) platforms over the last few years would attest.

Choosing an inappropriate or ineffective collaboration platform waste enterprise money, but it also wastes time as workers are forced to relearn how to create projects, save them in the right folders, communicate via the platform to the right colleagues, etc. And in today’s hyper-fast digital economy, wasting time is deadly.

Thus it pays to get it right the first time.

CIO Insight contributor Dennis McCafferty offers some advice for enterprise decision makers on how to choose a collaboration platform.

First, he says, it’s important to choose a platform that isn’t excessively restrictive. “Remember that contractors, partners and other outside parties will need to collaborate with your teams, so look for tools that won’t shut them out,” McCafferty advises.

It’s also critical that enterprises choose collaboration tools with demonstrable business value. “Solutions should come with a proven track record of boosting revenue, profits, market share, operational efficiencies and cost savings,” he says.

By choosing an open collaboration platform that demonstrates positive return on investment, McCafferty says, “you’ll more readily gain the C-suite’s support, thus increasing the likelihood of increased investment into collaborative technology.”

Remember, though, that even the best collaboration platform won’t deliver on ROI if it isn’t used by employees, which makes effective training and continuous support imperative.


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