Workers more chill about robot threat than previously thought

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It’s hard to blame enterprise employees for worrying that eventually (or even sooner) their jobs will be assigned to robots or some form of artificial intelligence (AI).

After all, we’re constantly reading articles about — or even just alluding to — our pending displacement from the work force.

Yet a recent survey  by global staffing firm Adecco shows humans are not so easily rattled.

More than 1,000 enterprise leaders and more than 1,000 employees across 13 sectors in the UK lent insight to the survey, “Humans vs. Robots.” The Adecco report concludes that “most people are coming to realise that advancements in technology will actually help them to make the most of both their careers, and their life beyond work.”

Some highlights include:

  • 87% of senior business decision makers across the U.K. and Ireland believe computers will make their role easier within the next 10 years, while more than half (57%) say their jobs can be made a lot easier
  • 58.5% of employees surveyed believe robots will take over the mundane, tedious tasks associated with their jobs, “leaving the more fun ones for humans”
  • Nearly half of all respondents believe AI “will allow humans to work more flexibly (48%) or from home (44%) to suit their lifestyles”

“The media all too often advances the theory that robots will steal our jobs,” the report says. “After all, hysteria sells, right?”


“But,” Adecco adds, “we were reassured to find that two-thirds (65%) of people think that overall, technology has increased the number of roles on offer, while around half believe that advances in technology will continue to create more jobs than it destroys within the next decade.” This holds true for the world as a whole, and the UK and Ireland in particular.

“Only one in six (16%) people support the theory purported by the media,” it adds.

The weird thing is, the entire report was written by a robot! Kidding…

So what do you think? Do you share the generally optimistic view that robots and AI will actually make our jobs more fulfilling? Let us know in the comments section below.


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  1. Samreen Ahmad says:

    Interesting perspective. Didn’t realize numbers were so high but glad to hear it

  2. Mike Waters says:

    Are we talking about computers making our life easier or AI where the software program is written to allow it to think for itself ?

    If AI is so great besides employee’s losing there jobs , the board and CEO’s maybe the 1st to go


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