Raising your Analytics IQ

Rapid innovation and productivity breakthroughs require an accelerated digital transformation strategy that brings together people, business processes, advanced analytics, artificial intelligence and new human-to-machine interaction technologies.

Stakeholders across the organization must commit to enhancing insight-driven decision-making capabilities, leading cultural changes and applying systematic approaches to optimize business intelligence and data warehouse environments. Cost savings should be leveraged to deploy advanced analytics technologies and to operationalize analytics. With this approach, enterprises can provide actionable insights to front-line applications and processes.

Advances in analytics can not only help enterprises achieve productivity breakthroughs, but also identify cost-saving opportunities and realize value and return on investment from new products and services.

To take advantage of this opportunity, organizations need to:

  • Create analytic capabilities to deliver new digital business models that can either disrupt the marketplace or defend against disruption
  • Craft innovative and intuitive service models and experiences along a customer journey
  • Deliver a fundamental operational process transformation that results in meeting or exceeding performance goals

To achieve these goals, organizations must develop capabilities to deploy advanced analytics at every point of interaction — human as well as machine — to continuously improve decision making quality and accuracy. In other words, they must raise their Analytics IQ.

The journey to a higher Analytics IQ begins with a strategy to best leverage the technology advances known today, as well as those yet to come. Organizations must define their long-term objectives, clearly understand where and how new value will be created, and design their digital journey maps.

Organizations with a higher Analytics IQ can use data and analytics as a competitive asset everywhere in their organization. They will adapt quickly to change and predict trends by continually curating and analyzing data, and developing insights that drive new value. These organizations will see analytics and technology as drivers of digital transformation and enablers of change.

These organizations will be the disruptors, not the disrupted, in the digital revolution.

What is your Analytics IQ? Take a self-assessment.

For more on raising your Analytics IQ, read the position paper, Thriving on Enterprise Data and Analytics.

Dragan Rakovich, DXC Technology’s chief technology officer for Analytics, leads the company’s analytics technology and innovation strategy. Dragan brings strategic advice and thought leadership to customers in actionable analytics, business intelligence, machine learning, internet of things (IoT) and analytics platform domains to create advanced analytic solutions. Prior to this role, he served as Hewlett Packard Enterprise Services CTO for Analytics and Data Management. Dragan has more than 20 years of experience in analytics, business intelligence, management consulting, solution delivery, enterprise architectures and software engineering. @AnalyticsCTO


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