The digitalization of real estate management

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When it comes to “digitalization” of real estate management, there are appropriate implementation strategies and approaches that businesses should be aware of  — and some are already adopting.

For example, real estate tenants, owners and operators increasingly use digital marketplaces to communicate. These marketplaces range from complaint management solutions to craftsmen portals and platforms that allow full communication of inquiries/requests and service offerings between end customers and service providers.

These applications are complemented by additional IT-based solutions. A broad range of vendor offerings include floor space digitalization, indoor routing, building information modeling that provides a central information and cooperation platform across the overall building lifecycle, digital archiving, interpretation and processing of documents, robotics for administrative processes and data analytics – to name but a few.

It should be of little surprise that the development standards and goals of digital agendas vary considerably, depending on the company’s industry and size. But all digitalization of real estate management starts with the development of a strategy and a resulting implementation process.

To start, it is essential to create a common understanding of central, digital and full documentation, while at the same time consistently adapting the business processes along the value-added chains to future (digital) requirements and possibilities.

When selecting appropriate tools, enterprises must take into consideration the complex in-house ERP systems. New applications must be integrated with these systems, which are subject to rapid development as well.

In addition to functional aspects, enterprise IT plays a vital role: Flexibility, speed and efficiency of bulk data transfer cannot be ensured without building hybrid IT environments that connect the in-house IT infrastructure to external cloud services.

On the roadmap to a digital wonderland, the digitalization of floor spaces, facilities and contracts should take top priority. What’s needed is a technology that allows a seamless integration of digitalized documents and data into the processes. After that, the organization and its processes can be consistently and reasonably aligned to digital requirements and possibilities.

As a next step, a company should develop and implement New Way of Working approaches that match the digital environment. That’s when true improvements in customer service and business operations can take effect.

Robert Betz is Practice Partner CEE for “New Ways of Working,” which includes consulting services for Real Estate, Human Capital Management and IT Workplace solutions. Additionally, he is heading the SAP practice in Austria.


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