The essential vehicle for digital transformation

Ask 10 enterprise professionals to define “digital transformation” and you’re liable to get 10 different answers. But however digital transformation is defined, it simply isn’t possible without mobile technology.

With that in mind, enterprise IT leaders must ensure their mobile initiatives are on track, strategically and operationally. Otherwise digital transformation will be derailed — and that spells potential doom in a fast-changing digital economy that rewards speed, agility and flexibility.

Mike Baca, director of digital transformation and mobility for AmerisourceBergen Corp., suggests the goal of digital transformation is “frictionless workflow.” In a post over at CIOReview, Baca offers several practical guidelines for how enterprise IT leaders can leverage mobility to achieve that goal.

His first suggestion is if you’re going to do mobile, do it right. That means having:

  • A focused team with the right skill set
  • A clearly defined mission
  • A “bias for action” that results in quick wins

That last one is important because it provides learning experiences that build and generate momentum. Remember, success is infectious (not to mention enviable). If the leaders of one business unit see another unit using mobile to increase productivity, generate new revenue or cut costs, they will want a piece of the action!

Baca ticks off several other critical elements of a successful mobile initiative:

  • The need for IT to partner with the business; otherwise “shadow IT” will proliferate
  • The recognition that mobile technologies will always be evolving, which means your mobile initiatives are never “done” and that you must be willing to make adjustments as required
  • And the absolute necessity of continually seeking feedback from users, whose needs and experiences should guide development and governance efforts. After all, if users don’t like it or can’t easily use it, it’s simply not working.

Without the right vehicle, your journey toward digital transformation is doomed to fail. But a strong mobile program can help take you where you want to go.


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